Saturday, October 12, 2013

Victorian and Gothic rooms

Brooklyn New York Victorian room woodwork window cornice

Edinburgh Scotland row house vintage flat woodwork

Edinburgh Scotland row house Victorian crown molding

Brooklyn New York brownstone Victorian interior room

Brooklyn New York Victorian partition

Brooklyn New York row house vintage 19th century foyer woodwork

Brooklyn New York brownstone row house Victorian interior woodwork stained glass window

Brooklyn New York Victorian partition woodwork

New York Brooklyn brownstone Victorian foyer

New York Upper West Side condo interior foyer

Elizabethan old Tudor manor interior stairwell

Washington DC row house Victorian interior living room bay windows

New York City browstone interior foyer bannister

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gothic interior design

Old World Gothic interior design woodwork with high ceiling and wainscot paneled wall extending high

So much charming Old World interior in this post

Washington DC row house

Washington DC row house interior with bay windows

French Chateau Victorian inteior style

New York W 142nd Street brownstone

Washington DC row house built in 1900

 Washington DC row house interior

New York Upper West Side apartment with fully paneled wood wainscoting walls and coffered ceilings

Harlem New York West 136th Street Victorian interior woodwork

Harlem New York West 136th Street brownstone Victorian interior

Harlem New York West 136th Street browstone Victorian interior kitchen window cornice

Interior foyer of a mid 1920's Spanish Colonial Revival Mediterranean style house.

Brooklyn New York brownstone built in 1873 (next 4).

Parma Italy Victorian interior mansion

Paris France 17th district old apartment Victorian interior

Rugby England old Tudor manor built in 1894.  Incredible woodwork arount the windows and stairs. 

London mansion interior with sconce lights

                                                Brooklyn New York brownstone Victorian room woodwork condo